Chris Barasa
Jul 12, 2018

Dear pastor Joe
Here is the ministry report of the conference and crusades is in Kenya and Uganda
We had two pastors and church ministers conference in Kenya at Word of Life harvest church In Eldoret and another in Truth and love ministry in Kamukuywa Bungoma and crusade in two locations,corner mbaya Eldoret and kisumu ndogo In Eldoret,the total number of the attendance in the conference in Eldoret were 80pastors and 90 church leaders the total number of attendees were170 people,
In Kamukuywa we had 120 church leaders and 70 pastors on the first day and in the second day due lack of accommodation the number dropped to 80,the message of grace has changed the lives of this pastors and church leaders we have seen pastor preaching the new covenant gospel in their churches and their is a great change and life in the churches,we had some of the pastors testifying the work that the Lord has in their churches, it is really amazing to see the work of the Lord in them they accepted to sign into the dominion grace bibles school,the enrollment is open and we few people have already sign up
Regarding with the crusades,we had many people giving their life to Jesus in kisumu ndogo,we had a bout 35 people and coner mbaya we had a bout 10 people gave their lives to Jesus the total of 45 people received Christ
In Uganda the conference was also successful we had a bout 40 pastors and 100 church leaders who attended in a crusade the total number of people who received Christ were 80 in total,we have received the reports from the pastors that they joined different bible teaching churches in town which was a great harvest to the kingdom to them,May the Lord bless you pastor and your team of pastors from Australia for the great Job done for our Lord Jesus,May the Lord put you in good health so that next year you will be to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in East Africa
Bishop Chris

We have just concluded 10 days of DGMA ( Dominion Grace
Ministries Australia ) seminars
held respectively in Sydney, Portland and Melbourne, the
speakers were Dave
Tremblay, Noel Meekin, Steve Mann and Joe Funaro. The word
spoken and presented by each
individual speaker came together liked a knitted rich tapestry reflecting
the Grace and Mercy of God, many lives were touched with
healings, revelations
and bondages broken. Many friendships were established and
contacts made with
invitations received to come back again which also involve
the possibility of
going to other cities.
One of the highlights for me personally was the further bonding and
development of the DGA team, to work with and be associated
with men of God who
have integrity, commitment and love for each other is most
satisfying and
Many reports of healings have filtered back, one sister was instructed in how to lay hands upon a sick person, as she did so, that person received her healing and that sister who did the laying of hands has reported that her life has been dramatically changed by what happened and has now given her confidence to step out to pray for others.

All Glory and praise to the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be Blessed,

Enzo De Vincentis ( DGMA Board member )
22 Sept. 2014

I am absolutely well in mind, spirit and body; all the aspects of my life. And more than that I have been empowered by God to do well. My relationships with people are really flourishing thanks be to God who has given me the most beautiful relationship with Himself – this is peace!!

In my walk I benefitted seriously by getting in touch with people who have truly come to understand that God is love; holy (healing/wholeness itself), faithful and true. People who trust in God’s character and work, people who have given everything which is no good up for everything which is good by God’s help.
23This is what the LORD says:
“Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom
or the strong man boast of his strength
or the rich man boast of his riches,
24 but let him who boasts boast about this:
that he understands and knows me,
that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness,
justice and righteousness on earth,
for in these I delight,”
declares the LORD. [Jeremia 9:23-24]

God has judged for those who have been oppressed by evil – He has appointed ministers of reconciliation that people may have His life. God has given us a way from all frustrations and anger empowering us by His peace! The work and message of Dominion Grace Ministries and Pastor Joseph Funaro is a ministry of reconciliation; a ministry empowering those who accept it by the peace of God. Let us listen and go strong into the world – that we may plead the case of the fatherless to win it, and defend the rights of the poor.

Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson
Hafnarfjordur – Iceland
10 of May 2010


Dear Pastor Joe,

I would like to thank you for the message of grace which you preached to us. Although it was just for two days, it has left a big spiritual impact to me and my ministry. I also want to thank your wife Elsa and sister Precious.

Since that time, I received the message and started putting it in practice, and teaching it in all churches of Upper Room Grace Ministry as the founder.
I started witnessing people getting healed every time we pray for them. I remember of a woman who came to church with a swollen chest for the past 6 months. I prayed for her and the swelling just vanished in a day.

Another one is about a young man who had very swollen glands in the throat after the removal of a bad tooth. The swelling was on the stage of suffocating him to death. His parents came to church for prayer. I prayed with them and the following day, the disease had gone and he was discharged from hospital the same day. He has given his life to Jesus and now a member of the church.

You can recall that time my structure for the church was uncovered on top and it was raining all over inside when you prayed. After few days God moved a brother and he covered the roof with iron sheets. We have a big congregation now and there is life in the church.

Brother, for the last 14 years of pastoring churches, your message marked a new beginning in my ministry. I have received favor from God and other leaders in this western part of Kenya and now I was chosen as the chairman of pastors/bishops fellowship. I have also been able to plant three new churches in this short period. I have seen God provide school fees for our two children and supplied our daily needs.

My humble request is that you keep us in prayers and help me further in ministry to understand more about the grace of God. It is your message of grace that I have shared in a very church that I have gone. Lives are changing every day, people are getting saved, and the goodness of the Lord is experienced. I’m so happy…

Finally Pastor, my ministry has been given an opportunity to host this year’s pastors/leaders conference before the year ends. I request for prayer, speakers (preachers), and resources to enable us to bless Gods people.

God bless you.

Pastor Peter and Anne
Kenya, Africa


Dear Pastor Joe and Elsa:

Thank you writing we had a wonderful service today with God’s blessing and power upon our people.

Here is a brief testimony of what God did through his servant when he came to Kenya last year, Pastor Joe and his wife. I invited them to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different churches. He has been in our country twice as a senior pastor and a Bishop of Word of Life Harvest Churches in Kenya. I have more 70 churches at moment working under me in different cities, after inviting pastor Joe his wife and sister Precious to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different parts of our country. I have received a lot of testimonies from these pastors and church leaders. The biggest testimony is how people have been giving their lives to Jesus.

The message preached by Pastor Joe was the real message of grace and our people have been practicing the message and it is working. People had received false doctrine from pastors and Bishop who need to gain from them but, after visiting some churches in different cities I found that churches are growing spiritually because they have known the truth which have set them free. The most important thing Pastor Joe talked about is what Jesus accomplished on the cross he said, it is finished and you can never again put condemn what God paid so much to redeem. You can never accuse or judge what God paid so much to forgive and make righteous. You can never again do anything to harm or weaken or destroy what God paid so much to heal, to restore and to save and the most important point on his message was that healing is for all and should be preached and practiced with all.

Regarding with healing, after visiting many churches people were healed. We had a lot of testimonies. We had people with H.I.V AIDS from our refugee camps in Eldoret. Eight women joined the church and gave us the living testimonies that they were tested negative and they were healed instantly. They went to the doctor the following day and realized that they were healed by the power of God. We had another testimony for a lady with a tumor she was healed instantly in Bungoma. We had a lame man who walked using a stick; he was healed instantly he was able to work up to now. We had a young boy with a big growth on the head. After Pastor left, I visited the boy and found that the mother was happy, because the doctor had asked them to pay $2000 for operation for his kid. The mother was shocked because the growth disappeared up to now. She was touched and paid for my house rent for two months praise God. I have so many testimonies from different churches which can take me the whole day to write. God really used his servant to bring this message of Grace which our brothers and sisters are practicing in their churches and it is working. Sorry for writing this long story.

God bless you and have a wonderful service.
Blessings in Jesus name

Pastor Chriss


Dear Dominion Grace Ministries:

Having listened intently to your recorded messages for the past year I can honestly say that one of my biggest epiphanies is the truth that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ and live according to the spirit of life rather than the law. I feel freer than I have ever felt and my relationship with my Father has grown by leaps and bounds because I realize that no matter how ugly I might get in my flesh, He always loves me and will do absolutely anything for me. Dominion Grace means that I don’t have to earn God’s grace or even deserve it. God loves me, nothing can separate me from His love and therefore the time to receive His love and get the greatest dividends is right when I’m in the midst of my greatest need. I’ve learned that I don’t have to fix myself or get it all right before I go to my Father for help, advice or encouragement. He is always available and He makes all his gifts available to me right here on this earth…not just in the sweet by and by.
As a parent I have learned the importance of receiving God’s grace so that I can be more generous in extending it to my children and those around me. I recognize now that it truly is possible to live victoriously on this earth because I have the fullness of the Godhead permanently indwelling me through Jesus.

And finally, this message has freed me to pray for absolutely anyone or any situation and with absolute certainty, know that God has moved and released resurrection power and life into that situation. I never have to “wonder if He will show up or answer my prayer.” It is settled by the fact that the Word says the prayers of a righteous man avail much.” Period. Since my righteousness is a result of Christ and not what I do or say, then I can walk away from any prayer with confidence that God will always confirm what His Word says. God is always faithful and can be counted on no matter what.
If anyone is looking for teachings that are Biblically grounded, that will liberate them to walk this life as the Son of God that they are, then this is the message for them!

Gainesville, GA


I am a living testimony to the life changing power of Jesus Christ that works through Pastor Joe Funaro of Dominion Grace Ministries. I was a Christian hungry for the truth. I had been filled with mans’ doctrine making Gods word in my life to no effect. Mark 7:13. Over a 6 month period Pastor Joe Funaro has taught me who I am in Christ Jesus. He has torn down the walls of religion in my life allowing me to experience the life changing power of the Holy Spirit. Dominion Grace Ministries has been there for my family and is available to meet the needs of anyone at any time. Due to the love and fellowship of Pastor Joe and his teachings I have pledged my life to further the kingdom of Heaven through Dominion Grace Ministries.

Your Brother in Faith and a son of God after the son of God,
Brian A. Burkhead


Dear Pastor Joe,

I thank God for leading me to your church. After searching for years for a Pastor who would teach me the truth of who I am in Christ, what I have been given as a child of God, and what I can do with it, I found all that and more in your teachings at Dominion Grace Ministries. My life has been forever changed for the better because it’s only the truth that truly sets you free.

The Lord has given me an opportunity to teach this truth to others in a weekly bible study as well as to the people in Guyana, South America on mission trips I go on twice a year. I’ve seen so many people changed, healed, and set free because of the truth I learned and acted on through your ministry.
You also taught me not to compromise God’s word no matter what. I can’t thank you enough for standing firm on God’s word and sharing it with everyone the Lord puts in your path.

God Bless You,
Julie Cronk


Dear Pastor Joseph,

I am glad that you and your wife were able to visit Liberia to share the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Indeed, your visit was a blessing to me and all those that attended the meetings. Your teachings brought a deeper and clearer understanding about the Gospel of Grace and Dominion. Many who have been living under the bondage of the Law were delivered and fully translated into the kingdom of light. Your teachings are simple and thereby can lead one to know the full benefits of Salvation through grace and walk in total victory over Sin.

During your ministration we also saw many been saved, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit at different churches.

There is a demand on me now from my members and all the churches you visited to appeal to you to come to Liberia again.

May the Lord continue to bless your Ministry and provide you the resources to visit us again.
Yours in Him,

Pastor Amos Freeman