Morality And Immorality

The words moral or morality, immoral and immorality by themselves do not appear
in the Engllish version of the King James Bible.
By definition we understand morality to be: that which renders an action right or wrong:
the practice or doctrine of the duties of life, principles, and conduct that promte honor,
purity, and virtue.
In contrast, immorality would be: that which is inconsistent with what is right. Wicked-
ness and liscentiousnes, which is given to indulgences of the animal passions, would be

Money And Prosperity

It is important for Christians to receive the revelation of true biblical prosperity.
Although we see in the scriptures more evidence in the Old Testament of God materially
and financially blessing His people, the New Testament is also very clear in com-
municating God’s will to abundantly supply all the needs of His sons and daughters. In
truth, God has set laws in motion from the very begining of creation, that when obeyed,
will bring prosperity into the lives of all those that adhere to those laws. To limit

Living From The Inside Out

Ephesians 3:14 “For this cause I bow my knee… (which cause? Everyone could be a partaker of the covenant with God… not only Jews, but Gentiles to could be part of the glorious body of Christ; in other words, the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 12 was for all people not just the Jews as has been believed by the Jews).