July 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The reports from our recent trip to Liberia in April-May are still coming in. You can go to or to catch up on those events and our latest teachings from Dominion Grace and from Dominion Life World Outreach Center. Incidentally, thanks to Allen Lister, our messages on our websites now have Mp3, iphone and ipad capabilities for downloads. We are doing everything to get the message of God’s dominion by His abundant grace out and into the hands of the people of the world.


June 2014 Newsletter

Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! We returned from our Liberia trip on May 7. We did five seminars, four pastor training seminars and one youth seminar. We also did night services and Sunday services. In the pastor training seminars we taught on Doing the Works of Christ, the Gospel of Grace, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the youth seminar we taught The Finished Work of the Cross and The Revelation of Jesus Christ. The night services and Sunday services were comprised of healing messages, grace messages and doing the works of Christ.