January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the New Year! We had a very productive year in 2014 and we are expecting greater fruit for the year 2015. Last year we established Dominion Grace Bible School in Liberia. As many of you know we started the “Liberian Project” in order to raise 15,000 dollars for land and to build a home on the land. We have been in contact with Pastor Amos Freeman in Liberia who is the head of the IMF, a West African ministerial organization that reaches out to all of West Africa. We have partnered with him in order to return every year to strengthen the churches and pastors and their people.


November 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! I trust this letter finds you all well. There is much happening in the world and in the church today so let me get right into it. We have been in Denver, Colorado now since May of 2010. We initially came out to plant a church and establish a bible school. We left our church of 14 years, our home and family back in New York. Things have not progressed as quickly as I anticipated, but we are rock solid in our commitment to continue in the vision that the Lord has given us.


September 2014 Newsletter

By the time you receive this letter we will be in or on our way to Australia. As we have said, we will be in Sydney, Portland and Melbourne doing seminars with the team of Dominion Grace Australia. We are getting this letter out early as well as the teaching letter and cd of the month so you won’t miss out on the teachings and what the ministry is doing. We have been invited to Burundi, West Africa for 2015 as they have gotten wind of Dominion Grace and the gospel of grace and want us to come.


August 2014 Newsletter

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. We have just returned from a ten-day furlough in NY to visit with our children and grandchildren. One of the hardest things for us in moving to Colorado was leaving them behind so we make it a point to visit once a year. While we were there we visited our old Church, Higher Ground. No one was around so we took pictures of the building and property. A lot of fun memories were brought to mind.


July 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The reports from our recent trip to Liberia in April-May are still coming in. You can go to or to catch up on those events and our latest teachings from Dominion Grace and from Dominion Life World Outreach Center. Incidentally, thanks to Allen Lister, our messages on our websites now have Mp3, iphone and ipad capabilities for downloads. We are doing everything to get the message of God’s dominion by His abundant grace out and into the hands of the people of the world.