The Truth About Divine Healing

A. B. Bruce said in his “Miraculous Elements of the Gospel”, “Cures should be as common as conversion, and Christ’s miracles are signs that disease does not belong to the true order of nature and are but a prophecy that the true order must be restored to us.”
The Baptism in the Spirit of Jesus was Christ reproducing Himself in the believer. To that extent we are empowered by the Spirit to be Christ’s ambassadors on earth. That means the believer must perform Christ’s most holy ministries to the sinful and the sick just as Jesus Himself would do. The believer is a priest in every aspect. He must perform Christ’s priestly ministry. Believers are expected to heal the sick, lay hands on the sick and heal them; they are not to die, they are to recover. Believers should cast out devils.
Lymon Abbot, American clergyman and author – “The authority to pronounce absolution and remission of sins that are past and fulfill the aspirations of the soul for the future belong to every believer.”
John H. Graham in the “Faith of the Quaker”, “it is not that there is no clergy, but that there is no laity, for we are all priests unto the Highest.”
Every believer is authorized by Christ to do as He has done. Acts 10:38 “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him.”
Luke 13:16 Jesus demanded His right to heal the woman bound for 18 years with the spirit of infirmity.
Dr. Frank N. Riale in his book “The Antidote for Sin, Sickness and Death”-”There is no reason why men should die.” Science declares men are so constructed as to be perpetually renewed. Many great scientists declare the elimination of sickness to be their final objective.
Jesus anticipated the needs of the world. He commanded His power for the use of mankind and invites us to help ourselves to His eternal quality and become, thereby, sons of God. It is time to take the shackles off of God. Jesus did not heal in order to coax people to become Christians. He healed because it was His nature to heal.
“Healing is by degree, based on two conditions:
1. The degree of healing virtue administered (power).
2. The degree of faith that gives action and power to the virtue administered.” John G. Lake
“Healing is the renewal of the body from diseased conditions. A miracle is in the creative order. Jesus used science to heal the afflicted. He laid His hands upon the sick in obedience to the law of contact and transmission.” John G. Lake.
It is not necessary, however, for the person desiring Christ’s blessing to understand this science of healing or how it is accomplished. God is not confined to methods. Heaven backs up the soul with faith anywhere under any conditions.
The Truth About Divine Healing:
1. There are no hindrances to healing. The only hindrance is that you think there is a hindrance.
2. The Bible gives us only two reasons why the Word or power of God was not received.
a. One reason is unbelief. Mark 6:1-6. In verse five it says Jesus could there do no mighty works because of their unbelief. For further understanding of this unbelief we must go to Luke chapter 4 beginning in 18. The Scriptures reveal to us that the unbelief of the people caused them to reject Christ in such a way that Jesus never got the opportunity to minister unto them.
b. The other reason is in Matthew 15, the traditions of men.
3. Anything that stands between God’s command or God’s promise and you obeying that command or obtaining that promise is not God. In other words we are commanded to heal all who are sick. We don’t need a special leading or unction.
4. If Jesus did it we do it. If Jesus didn’t do it, we don’t do it. Jesus never went into a person’s past or tried to find the secret sin that prevented a person from being healed. Jesus never told anyone they were not going to receive their healing because they didn’t have enough faith. Jesus did not pray to the Father or beg Him to heal anyone. He commanded healing to come. He commanded the sickness or the evil spirit to go.
5. Jesus healed thousands at a time without requiring them to repent or believe first. Matthew 4:23-24; Luke 4:40-41; Matthew 14:36.
6. Great faith is not necessary to receive or minister healing. The Roman Centurion in Matthew chapter 8 and the woman of Cana in Mark chapter 7 were both outside of the Old Covenant, hence, Jesus described their faith as great. Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 that with the faith as the size of a mustard seed we could speak to a mountain and command it to be removed and cast into the sea and it would obey us.
7. Unconfessed sin does not keep people from being healed. All the people that Jesus healed in the Gospels were sinners. For believers James 5:14-15. First they are healed then if they have committed any sins they are forgiven them.
8. Jesus never tried to find the root cause of the illness or sin that “opened the door”.
9. Jesus was never prevented from healing anyone due to the sin of a person’s ancestors.(Generational curses). John 9:1-7.
10. We are not to judge who is confessed up, in faith or ready to be healed.
11. The Spirit Baptism is given to minister in the power of God. (To act like sons of God).
12. The written commandment to heal the sick is sufficient without a “rhema” word for each person.
13. The only requirement for a person to receive healing is to come to be healed.
14. God is not the cause of a delay of healing.
15. We are to command the power of God without picking and choosing who is worthy.
16. We have the authority to cast out devils that people think they want to keep. Acts 16: 16-18.
17. New Testament believers initiated divine healing and delivered people at will.
18. Signs, wonders,and the Holy Spirit follow us as we obey the Word of God. Mark 16:20.
19. As believers we cannot increase our healing anointing except by using it.
20. God will heal through any believer, because it’s not about us, but about His goodness.
21. We as believers are God’s sons, the devil’s master, and servants of humanity.
22. We don’t beg God for healing. We proclaim freedom for the captives or prisoners.
23. God’s anointing abides within me, is always ready to heal, and is always on.
24. Christ in me is always available to destroy the works of the devil through me.