Operating In The Power Of God

Luke 4:33-37, 9:1-2, 10:1, 9, 17-20.
In order to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit we must understand power and authority. The real power of the church is not in:
1) Modern buildings or unique methods of preaching or teaching.
2) Great wealth or how wealth is used.
3) the church’s popularity or prominence.
You can always recognize a Holy Spirit empowered Church by:
1) Evangelism-when the church doesn’t win souls the Holy Spirit is grieved.
2) Reproduction-discipleship.
3) Change
4) Turn the world upside down.
I) Matthew 28:18-20 – exousia. Authority is the legal right to act on behalf of another. Authority is pre-permission to use the power of the Holy Spirit.
God’s power will not be manifest until the church takes her God-given authority. Unless the church exercises her authority, God’s ability will not be seen.
If there is no power being manifest it’s not God’s fault, but a failure to exercise our authority. Luke 10:19. Authority always overrides power (ability).
Example: a police officer and a Mack truck.
In order to exercise authority you must know two things:
1) your legal rights and privileges as joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Romans 8:15-27, 29-32; Ephesians 1:17-23.
2) you must be under authority. The authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We have complete authority over our life, but not the authority over another person’s life. We have complete authority over the devil. Matthew 12:28-29.
Matthew 16:13-19 binding and loosing, forbidding and permitting.
You must understand lordship and priesthood. He is Lord over poverty sickness and death. Hebrews 3:1 He is high priest over healing, prosperity and life.
II) Power- dunamis-ability Acts 1:8. The ability to do the works of Jesus. John 14:12.
After Jesus took authority over death he used the spiritual power or ability to:
1) Restore life.
2) Heal the girl from what caused her to die.
The power or dunamis allows us to do, perform, demonstrate Jesus. Acts 10:38.
For this to happen there needs to be a draw on the power either on the person receiving the miracle or the person performing the miracle or both.
That’s why Jesus preached,taught, and healed. Matthew 9:35, 12:14-15, 14:13-14, 15:29-32, 19:1-2. There were times when Jesus taught the word first, the Scripture says in many instances their faith made them whole, or their faith got somebody else healed. There were other times when Jesus healed people first without teaching them and taught them after. There were times when he healed people and sent them off without teaching them. For example-the Gadarene demoniac.
If we have opportunity to teach people great, if not use your faith to exercise authority and operate in the power of God and teach them after.