December 2019 - Newsletter

Report on the Visit of Pastor Joe & Elsa Funaro to Liberia for two weeks Mission trip from June 12 – 26, 2019.

Pastor Joe and his wife arrived in Liberia on Tuesday June 12 at 8pm at the Roberts International Airport.
The Mission Work started at Higher Ground Bible Church on Thursday June 13 to Friday 14 with two evening services while two days Ministers conferences were held on Friday and Saturday Morning June 14 – 15, 2019. Several Persons were healed during the evening services whereas during the Ministers’ Conference a lot of Pastors from across Paynesville attended the conference. The Word was brought forth by Pastor Joe with revelation and clarity. A lot of questions were asked and he answered all of them. It was a great time in the Lord. On Sunday June 16, Pastor Joe ministered at our church Higher Ground Bible Church. The Word was good; he ended his teaching with Ministration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Several persons were baptized in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
The next venue was at the New City of Truth Church, where Pastor Joe shared the Word for one night and that was Tuesday June 18, 2019. All those who stood up for Ministry were healed instantly.
The following day, we visited Grace International Ministry of Jesus Christ for another evening service. Pastor Joe taught and preach the Word powerfully that night. Several members of the church were touched by the power of God and healed instantly.
From Thursday June 20 to Saturday 22, 2019 we had a good time at the City of Zion International Ministries. Pastor Joseph brought forth the Word of His Grace so strongly that the entire church was blessed. Issues of doubt were made clear and all the sick were healed.
The Mission Work proceeded to Todee; a town in Margibi County outside the Nation’s Capital Monrovia, about 40km away. The road was not good and the car was overheating but we made it there. The seminar went well on that Saturday June 22, 2019. The gathering was a mixture of pastors and members. Pastor Joe shared the Word very well. Few participants were healed of various inflictions. We also shared the Vision of Dominion Grace Bible School with a good number of them responding to enroll.
From Todee we came back to Higher Ground to meet with the new batch of Students for Dominion Grace Bible School that are currently enrolling. Better Way Word of Life invited Pastor Joe to their early morning first Worship Service on Sunday June 23, 2019. A Word on God’s mercy and goodness was preached by Pastor Joe. It was a short service but the church was blessed. Thereafter, we gathered at Higher Ground the host church for our Sunday Worship service interspace with Dominion Grace Bible School Graduation and our Father’s Day Program. The Word was preached first follow by the graduation ceremony of Dominion Grace Bible School. Eighteen persons completed the course and received the first year certificate of Dominion Grace Bible School. Next was the honoring/appreciation ceremony; several fathers were appreciated. Pastor Joe and Mom Elsa were also appreciated as special father and mother for their good services to Higher Ground and the Body of Christ in Liberia along with the graduating class. It was a colorful event.
On Monday June 24, we visited Life changing Ministries of Jesus Christ where Pastor Jerry gathered some ministers and church workers for a seminar with Pastor Joe. It was a fruitful event from 9am to midday. The Word was taught with signs and wonders following.
They concluded the Mission in Harbel at the Victory Christian Church International. Pastor Emmanuel was able to gather few Pastors and a lot of children for one night of Parents and children relationship. Since I could not go for this event due to a schedule I could not avoid, one of my junior pastors drove pastor Joe and Elsa to this service about 23 Km away from Painesville. Pastor Joe emptied himself of whatever left in him in that service. Several Pastors were healed instantly that night.
This entire mission was supported by Pastor Joe, including lunch for Pastors during seminars and conferences, Gasoline for car, car repairs, etc. One of the challenges we had on this mission was that the car we used had series of problems that slow our movements.
Children in various churches received with candies and chocolates, as gifts form Pastor Joe and Elsa, they were very excited and grateful about those gifts and wanted more.
We also visited some project sites like, the land we are paying for to build our church since we were evicted from the land we previously built on and have been occupying. We also visited our house project site that Pastor Joe and Elsa have been supporting us to build. When completed, it will also serve as a home for Missionaries.
Before Departure, Pastor Joe and Elsa invited my wife and I for lunch together with them and the food was very good. They made a brief stop at our current temporary home before heading for the Air Port on Wednesday June 26th.
It was a back to back mission but everything went well and we are very happy about their visit, trusting that they can come again next year.

Submitted by Amos L. Freeman
National Director, DGBS Liberia