May 2019 - Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Praise the wonderful Name of Jesus! We are in the final preparations for our trip to Liberia June 11-27. We are in the process of getting our visas. We are still raising funds for the trip so if you have not contributed and would like to, it would be greatly appreciated. There are a few people that give on a monthly basis and we are very gratetful for their constant, continued support. Some give when we are making a trip, and some just give out of the clear blue, but it all usually comes so we can make the trip and do the things we need to do. This trip, we will be doing pastor training seminars, church services and we will be graduating our first-year bible students. As mentioned in the past, our bible school is registered with the country of Liberia, and we have students attending. This will be the first-year certificate program for those that finished year one of the bible school.
Elsa and I will be travelling alone as we did not get anyone that was able to go with us. The invitation is always there, and I am constantly looking for others that can teach, preach and minister to go with us. We usually do up to 3 or 4 services or meetings a day, and it is non0stop for the entirety of the trip. So, in the future, if you would like to come, get your passports ready and let us know ahead of time if you would like to come with us. I can assure you, it will be well worth it to you and the experience is one that you will never forget.
Next month, there will be no newsletter or matierials sent out due to the fact that we will be gone much of the month and my son will be getting married the first of June. Please bear with us for the month of June, and we will back on course for July. We are hoping to return to Australia some time this year. Last year, we had several groups established and people signed up for our bible school. We are trusting to expand into new areas and advance the message and ministry there in Australia.
I realize that this newsletter is short, but I wanted to get it out, regardless of its length to update you on the work of the ministry. Thank all of you that support us in prayer and financial support. It has been 28 years now that we have been traveling the globe preaching, teaching and ministering this great gospel. We are going to continue as long as we have the strength to go. This year is our 37th year in ministry and it seems like just yesterday we got started. I have also planted three churches since 1996 and we continue to pastor to this day. Thank Father God for the strength and passion to answer and comply to this great call that He has put on our lives. It is an honor and privilege to present Him as a loving, kind, merciful and faithful God. Until, July, Blessings to all.

In Christ,
Joe and Elsa Funaro