March 2019 - Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

Greetings in Jesus’ name! The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever! We are into the year 2019 and winter is almost over. That means that it is time for us to get on the road again. Our May trip to Liberia has been moved up to June 13 - 28. That is only 60 days away! If anyone would like to come with us, there is not much time left to get your passport and make plans for your airfare. Please contact us if you would like to come with us. We are doing pastor training seminars, and we will be graduating first year bible students in our Dominion Grace Bible School. As of yet, we have not raised any funds for this trip so if you would like to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated.
It has been over three years since we were last in Liberia. Meetings in Liberia are always the best meetings as they are well organized and well attended. We also see a lot of healings and Spirit baptisms because we emphasize both in our meetings. There has been a great change from Law to Grace since we started going there in 2009, so we are looking forward to returning and the people are also anxious to have us again. We are helping them for expenses, travel expenses for vehicle and gas, plus our own flight fare, room and board for ourselves.
We are also looking to return to Australia this year. Meetings are in the making through our Australian team. Perhaps in Sept. or Nov. , we will make that trip. We ministered in the immigrant churches last year in Australia, mainly Thai and Fiji churches. The people love the message, but the leaders are quite concerned about losing control and stick to much legalistic teaching. As a result of our last trip, small groups have formed and branched off of some of the larger churches and once a month they get together with there home groups to have one large gathering together. It seems to be working well and the groups are growing little by little. It is never my intention for people to leave their local churches, but when people get the freedom of the message of the finished work of Christ and His amazing grace, they do not want to go back to the bondage of the Law.
I want you to know that you are making an impact on the nations that we visit by your continued faithful support. We could not do it without your belief in what we are doing. We are not a big ministry. For the most part, my wife and I travel at our own expense, we raise funds to help those we minister unto, and I usually do most if not all of the teaching and preaching. Our last trip to Liberia I did 4 pastor conferences and one youth conference. That is why we welcome those that can teach the message of God’s grace to come with us. Anyway, this is why the Lord has put my wife and I on this earth, to go and teach and empower nations with the good news of Jesus Christ and His finished work. There is nothing that we would rather be doing. Thank you once again, to you, our faithful friends and partners for your love and faithfulness.

Sincerely in Christ,
Joe and Elsa Funaro, DGM