Kenya and Uganda Testimony

Chris Barasa
Jul 12, 2018

Dear pastor Joe
Here is the ministry report of the conference and crusades is in Kenya and Uganda
We had two pastors and church ministers conference in Kenya at Word of Life harvest church In Eldoret and another in Truth and love ministry in Kamukuywa Bungoma and crusade in two locations,corner mbaya Eldoret and kisumu ndogo In Eldoret,the total number of the attendance in the conference in Eldoret were 80 pastors and 90 church leaders the total number of attendees were170 people,
In Kamukuywa we had 120 church leaders and 70 pastors on the first day and in the second day due lack of accommodation the number dropped to 80,the message of grace has changed the lives of this pastors and church leaders we have seen pastor preaching the new covenant gospel in their churches and their is a great change and life in the churches,we had some of the pastors testifying the work that the Lord has in their churches, it is really amazing to see the work of the Lord in them they accepted to sign into the dominion grace bibles school,the enrollment is open and we few people have already sign up
Regarding with the crusades,we had many people giving their life to Jesus in kisumu ndogo,we had a bout 35 people and coner mbaya we had a bout 10 people gave their lives to Jesus the total of 45 people received Christ
In Uganda the conference was also successful we had a bout 40 pastors and 100 church leaders who attended in a crusade the total number of people who received Christ were 80 in total,we have received the reports from the pastors that they joined different bible teaching churches in town which was a great harvest to the kingdom to them,May the Lord bless you pastor and your team of pastors from Australia for the great Job done for our Lord Jesus,May the Lord put you in good health so that next year you will be to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in East Africa
Bishop Chris