July 2018 - Newsletter

Dominion Grace Ministries, Inc.
July 2018 Newsletter

Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! We have just returned from East Africa after 18 days of ministry. We conducted three pastors’ conferences and two crusades in two countries, Kenya and Uganda. I am happy to report that things went very well. We had over a hundred pastors and leaders at each conference. We had to relocate two of our conferences, one in Kenya and one in Uganda due to violence, but the Lord was still able to accomplish His plan while we were there. We had many pastors and leaders sign up for our two-year Dominion Grace School of Ministry in both countries. I am waiting for the final report from our contact in Kenya, but it looks like we will have close to one hundred enrolled when we begin in August. There will be a team of four Kenyan pastors that will take our curriculum to different locations in different countries to those that have enrolled. Their vision is to go beyond East Africa and into other African nations with the teachings we will give them. I can tell you that in ten years since we first went, the gospel of grace has tremendously changed their lives and ministries. For that, we thank the Lord for His abundant grace!
The crusades were well attended, and we saw many saved and healed. As I said, we are awaiting the report from our Kenyan contact. While there, we also visited two orphanages and spent time fellowshipping with and encouraging the children and their teachers. We gave $500 between both orphanages to buy food for the children. We have arranged already for clothing to be sent to help them also. I have a great love for the African people, and I see the ministry of Dominion Grace expanding as they take the message and glory of this great gospel wherever they go. Most of, if not all of these folks are very law oriented. Leaders dominate and manipulate the people into controlling their lives. Many have no bibles, let alone a proper understanding of the scriptures. We find that some, like in every country of the world, are not open to the message of freedom that the grace of God brings. Some even oppose it strongly, but we believe and are willing to be patient and continue to go as we are invited. There is much fruit already and we expect much more. We are already planning on returning in August or September of next year.
In four months, the end of October and first of November, we will be in Australia, doing meetings and visiting churches. We have not been there in three years due to a lack of interest, but arrangements have been made for us in Sidney to teach and minister. We are trusting we can also get some meetings in Melbourne, but as of yet, meetings have not been made. We formed Dominion Grace Australia in 2013 of which I am the president of. Our influence in Australia has been minimal, but we have five ordained ministers with Dominion Grace who have worked diligently to propagate the message of the finished work of Christ and His grace. We will continue to travel where we are invited. Our funding comes from you, the people, and we cannot thank you enough for your faithful support and prayers. We believe God for everything and many times the funds come in just as we are leaving. Sometimes we cannot meet the budget asked for, so we have to cut corners in order to provide for the meetings. All of the funding goes to our air fare, our lodging, and for food to all that attend our meetings. Gasoline and sometimes lodging is provided for those we travel with and of course we give to those in need like the orphanages or individuals in emergency situations. This is all made possible by your faithful support of which we are forever grateful to all of you that contribute. You are making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands if not tens of thousands of people. May God continue to bless you in abundance! You are welcome to come with us and minister on any of our African trips. Please feel free to contact us any time for anything. We love you all. Blessing.

In Him,
Joe and Elsa Funaro
Dominion Grace Ministries