July 2017 - Newsletter - Africa here we come!

July 2017 Newsletter

Greetings in Jesus Name! I trust all is well with you and you are enjoying the warm weather. We are now very settled in New York, continuing to sow our lives into people and advance the kingdom by God’s grace with the message of His love and power, We have the dates set for our next mission trip to Kenya and Uganda. They are September 13-27. We will be doing three pastor training seminars and three crusades in the cities of Eldoret, Kitale, and Mbale. Mbale is the second largest city in Uganda and Eldoret is the third largest city in Kenya. Kitale is also in Kenya.
We have sent money already ahead of time for the orphanage in Kitale. There is so much need and many orphanages throughout the country. The conditions are very poor and food is scarce. The money we sent is to buy grain to feed the children. This will be the biggest event trip we have been on in a while. Four years ago, I did four pastor seminars and one youth seminar in West Africa, Liberia. This trip will be bigger than that because of the crusades.
If anyone would like to contribute to this mission trip we would greatly appreciate it. Doing a seminar and a crusade usually runs about $1500 US dollars. We are doing three, plus traveling, so we have to pay for transportation. The funds are to feed the pastors and people that come to the seminars and crusades. Poverty is a big problem in all of Africa and pastors do not receive money for their services. Many come a long way to sleep on the floor of a church building and use one outdoor latrine for hundreds of pastors. We are expecting pastors also from Rawanda and Uganda in both Kenya and Uganda, We also feed the people that come to the crusades. It sounds like a lot, but some look forward to it just for the food as they may go days without eating.
We have been going to East Africa now since 2007. The message of God’s grace and the finished work of Christ is permeating these nations. Realize, they are very Old Covenant mind set people. Many don’t even have bibles so I bring as many as I can to help them. Some cannot even read, but still lead congregations of people. They take what they learn and give it to the people. When they know we are coming, they go to great lengths to attend the meetings. The Lord always confirms His message with healings and miracles and we are so thankful to be able to go and provide both the spiritual and physical nourishment that they so desperately need.
You are making a difference by supporting Dominion Grace Ministries. I can tell you that all of the funds that we receive are spent on the work of the kingdom. What we receive, we pour back out into the ministry to travel and provide in every way possible for others to grow in their walk with the Lord. Hundreds are saved and healed every trip we make. We could not do it without your gracious support and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I may be doing some traveling in the states this year. I have been contacted by several to come and do meetings. They are still pending as to the time and dates so we will disclose those meetings when they are finalized. We are at your service for prayer, ministry or chat. If you would like to arrange a set of meetings, we will come. Be sure to check our website, dominiongarace.org for updates and recent messages that we have done. We love and thank you all for being the wonderful people of God and standing with us in this great gospel work.

In Him,
Joe and Elsa Funaro,
Dom.Grace Min.