October 2015 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! I trust that you are doing well in the Lord. As those of you that receive our newsletter know, we have been planning a trip to Liberia all year. We have been going steadily there since 2008 and have established a bible school in Paynesville that will reach out to all of West Africa. The land is purchased and a home with addition for bible school is under construction as we speak. That project was funded by people like, Carla and Bevin Clark from Georgia and Janice Yalch from Colorado and few supporter. We are extremely thankful to them and their continued support of us through the years. Pastor Amos Freeman, is the man in Liberia that we work with in Liberia. He is a man of integrity and honor. He has been in the states for over months and is still here preaching and teaching the gospel of grace. He has been very successful and a much sought out speaker since being here in the U.S.
Pastor Amos is still in the states, so the dates have not been set yet. It takes several weeks for our visas and letters of invitation and meetings need to be planned. As of yet, none of this has taken place because of his success here in the states. We rejoice for the Lord using pastor Amos and helping the church grow here in the U.S. So far, we have received $500 for our trip. Each trip is around 5000-10,000 U.S. dollars. It covers the cost of air fare, room and board for us and to put on the various seminars and feed the people that come. This is the first time in 25 years that we have not had the funds to go on a trip and do what we have been called to do. So as of right now, the trip is cancelled due to a lack of funds. Those of you that gave, the money will be used for our next trip in March to Kenya and Uganda. We are scheduled for pastor training seminars in Kenya and Uganda and a four day crusade in Uganda.
Elsa and I are very grateful to you that support us. We live by free will offerings from our church and all the monies we receive for Dominion Grace goes into the ministry. Whatever you designate that money for, that is what we use it for. So we will continue to trust the Lord as God moves upon people to support the work he has called us to and if the funds are there we go and if not then we do not go. You are welcome to come on any of our planned trips. If you desire to do so, you are responsible for your own air fare, food and lodging.
We have been in the ministry now for over 30 years and have pastored for over 20 of those years. When we left New York in 2010, we made a decision to trust God for our needs and not take a salary again. We have not regretted our decision and will continue to do so. People have come and gone as far as support and partnership. I understand the economy and people moving from one ministry to another. We are not a large ministry and have about ten regular people that support us. We are thankful for them. We are trusting the Lord for expansion and growth in every area. Right now, our ministry is established in Liberia, Australia and Kenya. I am not looking for more right now though we have many invitations. The only issue that determines our going or not is the funding. So whatever the Lord puts on your heart, we are very thankful for. Jesus is Lord! His kingdom will continue to go forth in love and power! I pray for you, your families and ministries in Jesus’ name.
Sincerely in Christ,
Joe and Elsa Funaro DGM