September 2015 Newsletter

Praise the Lord Jesus! We were in Calgary Alberta, Aug. 5-8 , to do several meetings and to minister the life and power of God. The meetings went well and I shared about miracles and healing by God’s grace. The meetings were held in Liberty Christian Church in Red Deer. We would like to thank Geordie Nokes and Bob Brandon for inviting us. Also we want to thank pastor George Bradley for opening up his church and inviting all that came out. We also went to hospitals and homes to pray for people and people came to where we were staying for prayer and ministry also.
We will be in Liberia, West Africa in October. The dates have yet to be set , but the trip is definite. We are trusting the Lord for air fare, food and lodging when we are there, and enough to do the seminars and feed the people that come. If you would like to contribute to help us with this in any way, it would be a great benefit to the kingdom and to the people of Liberia as well as us. As you know we have started a Bible school in Liberia that will reach all of West Africa with the Gospel of Grace. As of now we have over 40 students. We purchased land and a home is being built on the property to house the pastor and his family and have an attachment for the Bible School. The home will house missionaries when they come. We have been working with pastor Amos Freeman since 2009 and he has adopted the message of God’s grace and is now a well sought out speaker in his own country as well as the US.
The first of 2016 we will be in Kenya, East Africa. We have not been there since 2009. Pastor Chriss Barasa Lusweti has informed us of the tremendous growth and increase the message of God’s grace has done in the lives of the people of Kenya. His church has grown five times over and he is bringing the message of God’s grace to all of East Africa. He also wants the Bible school there in El Doret, Kenya. He is an overseer of over 100 churches just in Kenya alone. You can see the impact that the Dominion Grace Bible school is having and the potential to expand and grow even more. We thank the Lord for His abundant grace!
We are looking at May for a return trip to Australia. Two of the members of Dominion Grace Australia, Dave Tremblay and Steve Mann have Dominion Grace churches in Sidney and Melbourne. Though small at the moment, we are trusting the Lord that people will come along side or should I say that we will come along more people that want the freedom of the gospel. We are still finding people bound by carnality expressed by legalism everywhere we go. We are in favor of everyone, but have found many reluctant to simply accept the truth of God’s grace in comparison to the hard line religion that they have lived for most of there life. Pray in agreement with us that God’s truth would be revealed in the hearts and lives of all of these precious people.
We again thank those of you that support us on a regular basis. I cannot tell you how much it means to us. We could not do what we do without you and your faithful support. We are with you in Word and in prayer and available at any time for anything you need. You are welcome to come with us on our trips and we are available for speaking in and out of the continental United States. Please visit our websites at,, or All of our teachings are also on under DLWOC, DGM Denver, and Pastor Joseph A. Funaro. Until next month, our love to all of you.

Joe and Elsa Funaro, DGM