Forbearing and Forgiving One Another

Pastor Joe Funaro discusses the importance of putting off the old man as it pertains to walking in love toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. All things are new we are a a new man. Often believers focus on what we are not, instead of just focusing on Jesus. The things we behold we become. If we focus on sin or lack that is what we walk in. Therein lay the importance of renewing our mind. Everyday we must refocus on what Jesus has already done for us. As we begin to see the love God has for us we become free to walk in love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Being offended is a choice. No one can put offense on you, you must take offense. Offenses will come (Luke 17:1) but we do not have to keep the offense. In fact we must forgive (Col 3:13) and bear with others. We have everything (Holy Spirit) we need to walk out a live of love and fellowship with one another.