March 2015 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! I trust this newsletter finds you well. I want to report that we have bought the land in Liberia for 1800 US American dollars. We had donated to us 7500$. The remainder of that 7500$ will be sent to begin construction of a home and other buildings to house and have our bible school in Paynesville, Liberia. The situation is such that when land is bought, construction needs to begin within 3 months or we could lose the land. We will begin with what we have and we are trusting for another 7500$ to complete the project. I am asking that if you make a donation to this project, make sure you label it “Liberian Project”. I want you to understand the impact that Dominion Grace Bible School will have on all of West Africa. Pastor Amos Freeman is the president of IMF, an international fellowship of ministers throughout West Africa. Right now, when Liberian pastors and leaders want to be taught and equipped, they go to Ghana or Nigeria, also in West Africa. We have been conducting pastor training seminars for the past three years and have been very successful in teaching and training hundreds of pastors and church leaders the message of the New Testament, with Jesus Christ as the center and head of the church, and His finished work. The impact that this bible school will have on all of West Africa will be monumental as those from other countries will now come to Liberia to learn at and be credentialed with Dominion Grace Bible School. We are planning on beginning the school in April of this year, even though we do not have the buildings completed. We will use Higher Ground Church International, Pastor Freeman’s local assembly as the headquarters until the project is completed. Anything that you do will be greatly appreciated and you are welcome to come and be a part of the ministry there. We will be back in Liberia this year, September 14-28.
March 30, we are leaving for Australia as part of Dominion Grace Australia, and will be there until April 17. We will be ministering in Sydney, Portland, Warmabol and Melbourne. The schedule is on the website. This will be our third year and we are expecting increase in every area of ministry and growth for those we are in fellowship with. Our purpose is to come along side and strengthen existing ministries with the power of the word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Our message is always Jesus, His love, mercy and grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. When we are in Australia, we will be ministering as a team. The team consists of Enzo De vincentis and Steve Mann of Melbourne, Dave Tremblay of Sydney, and Noel Meekin of Harvey Bay. Steve Mann has also begun Dominion Grace Church in Melbourne where we will be ministering while in Melbourne.
We are still pastoring in Denver, Colorado and will continue to do so until Jesus comes back or we leave this earth. We have put out the invitation for anyone interested in being involved in Dominion Life World Outreach Center, to come and be part of what the Lord is doing here. There is a great need for a grace oriented, finished-work oriented church that flows in the love of God out here. We have a great group of people and we want to grow so we can affect the entire Denver region. There are tremendous opportunities for ministry. Those that come must be self-sufficient, as we cannot provide financial assistance at this time.
Look for the second year of Dominion Grace Bible School as I have completed the teachings and we are in the process of getting them edited and put on our website I am excited, as the second year will be as powerful as the first. Eventually, we would like to have an on site bible school so people can come and be taught and trained. We will need teachers for the bible school. Also if you are a pastor or minister and would like to incorporate the bible school in your area let us know and we can work something out with you. We just want to empower people to walk and live the Christ life. That is all I have. There probably will not be any newsletter next month or mailings from us as we will be in Australia until the end of April. Look for our report and correspondence for May. Until then, you are free in Him.

Joe and Elsa Funaro