January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the New Year! We had a very productive year in 2014 and we are expecting greater fruit for the year 2015. Last year we established Dominion Grace Bible School in Liberia. As many of you know we started the “Liberian Project” in order to raise 15,000 dollars for land and to build a home on the land. We have been in contact with Pastor Amos Freeman in Liberia who is the head of the IMF, a West African ministerial organization that reaches out to all of West Africa. We have partnered with him in order to return every year to strengthen the churches and pastors and their people. Every year we minister to over 200 pastors and leaders in conferences and seminars. We have received 7500 dollars from Paradise Partners, a ministry newly established from Gainesville Georgia with the challenge for the other 7500 dollars. Thank you Carla and Bevin for your wonderful generosity. If you would like to contribute anything, please make sure you make note that your donation is intended for the “Liberian Project”. Pastor Amos has informed me that with the 15,000 dollars we could put three homes on the land that is purchased. The future is bright in West Africa and the Lord has joined us with some very excellent people of integrity.
We also established Dominion Grace Ministries Australia and returned last year for our second time. Each year the meetings get larger and the requests for us coming are growing. Again, our purpose is to strengthen local churches, pastors and their people. We are working with a team of ministers in Australia and they are all men of grace, mercy, love and integrity. You can check out our website at dominion grace.com.au. We will be returning this year from April 1-17, to minister in Sydney, Portland, Warrnambool, Melbourne and or Perth. In all of our meetings we see people saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. The message of the New Testament and the gospel of grace are changing the hearts and lives of all that attend. We thank the Lord for His abundance of grace!
Elsa and I have moved into a new home here in Colorado and we are planning on spending the rest of our days on planet earth here in order to establish a local church to be a spiritual lighthouse and oasis for all to come. We have given the invitation to anyone that would like to come to Denver to be a part of what the Lord is doing. I work closely with everyone and am available 24/7 to all. I have a passion to raise up men and women to the place of ministry that the Lord has called them to. If you would like to be a part of Dominion Life World Outreach Center church, you are welcome. I cannot provide any financial assistance so you will have to make those arrangements for yourself, but I do promise to work with and help you in ministry and to grow in the kingdom. I do have plans for an on site bible school here in Denver. As of yet we do not have our own building, but that is coming in the future as we grow in numbers. I will need teachers to teach in the bible school.
Our online bible school is up and running. You can get information on Dominion Grace Bible School at our website dominiongrace.org. I am just finishing up the second year and we are offering a one-year certificate and a two-year diploma. Ordination is available to those that go through the school and also to anyone aspiring to ministry that qualifies. I work personally with anyone that wants that open communication. We are also available to anyone in the world via Skype or ooVoo, email or by phone for prayer, ministry or questions and chat. Elsa and I want to thank all of you that have supported us in any way this past year or at any time before. We are in need of your support in order to do the things Father has called us to do. We pray for you, your families and ministry, that you would be prosperous and in health even as your soul prospers and we decree that everything that you put your hand to will prosper. May the Lord Jesus Christ be exalted in everything you say and do, in Jesus’ name.

Joe and Elsa Funaro