November 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! I trust this letter finds you all well. There is much happening in the world and in the church today so let me get right into it. We have been in Denver, Colorado now since May of 2010. We initially came out to plant a church and establish a bible school. We left our church of 14 years, our home and family back in New York. Things have not progressed as quickly as I anticipated, but we are rock solid in our commitment to continue in the vision that the Lord has given us. That vision is to establish Dominion Life World Outreach Center church and be a spiritual oasis and lighthouse to the region here in North Denver and beyond. Denver is also now the headquarters of Dominion Grace Ministries, our world-wide outreach ministry.
I am appealing to anyone who has a call of God on their life or would like to be a part of both Dominion Life and Dominion Grace. We are looking for those that want to be involved in a ministry that preaches, teaches and demonstrates Jesus Christ, His love, mercy and grace. We are looking for musicians, helps ministries, outreach ministries and those that are mission minded. If you want to teach or have a call to the five-fold ministry, there are opportunities and there will be even greater opportunities once our on-line bible school becomes local here in Denver. I want to make it clear that we cannot at this time provide any financial support. Those that want to come to Denver and be a part of what the Lord is doing must find their own means of support and find their own housing. We can suggest locations for housing as there are so many and also there is a lot of employment out here in Denver. So, if this is appealing to you, then pray and see of this is something the Lord would have you do. We would love to have you as part of this great vision and work the Lord has given us.
As you probably know, the Ebola issue is now become an American issue. We are desperately needed in West Africa, particularly Liberia. The area that we have been going into is fine, but we still have to go through Monrovia, the capital, where there has been some outbreak. Right now, anyone coming from West Africa is subject to quarantine for 21 days. We are not in fear of the Ebola virus and believe it necessary for us to return to West Africa as our bible school is now registered in Liberia. We have hundreds of pastors and churches that we are working with and want us to come in April-May of 2015. Stand with us in prayer and support that this deadly disease will be abolished and the ministry will expand and bring life to all of West Africa.
It is looking like we may make the Australia trip twice a year instead of once. We have gone the last two years, established Dominion Grace Australia with four other men and the meetings have been successful to the point that we are being invited back to places we have already been and other openings for new ministry are available. We are looking to partner with and come along side pastors, churches, and individuals that need our assistance. Also, anyone wanting credentials or wanting to be affiliated with Dominion Grace Ministries either in Australia or the United States is welcome to do so. We are available to anyone anytime via e-mail, Skype or by telephone. Just go to for our US website contact and info and for our Australian contact and info.
Our on-line bible school has been going well and more people are signing up for it. The school is designed for those aspiring to ministry, but the overall teaching and training will benefit anyone wanting to understand the New Testament, the new creation and walking in the power of God. Also, our on-line store is full of materials for download of Mp3’s, Ipod, Iphone and manuals. All of our services for both Dominion Life and Dominion Grace are archived on our websites and also on Our websites are,, and On, search DLWOC or DGM Colorado. I am available for questions, chat, or ministry over the phone or by Skype or e-mail. Also, we are available for speaking engagements to anyone interested in enhancing their church or ministry with the gospel of grace and the power and love of God. Until next month, God speed.

Joe and Elsa Funaro