Power Within Us

As believers we all have been called into the ministry of reconciliation the moment we were saved. Jesus' sacrifice paid for the sin of the whole world so we are all forgiven of all sin except the sin of unbelief. This is why we must be saved to enter the kingdom of God. The same sacrifice that paid for the forgiveness of sin also paid for our healing. Throughout the bible forgiveness of sin and healing are linked. As the church we have been commissioned by Jesus, which gives us authority and through the Holy Spirit we have the power to be ministers of reconciliation. Because of the authority and power we can start seeing God's power flow through us to meet the needs of others. This practical message is intended to teach believers how to walk in the authority and power given to us. As an example, Joe leads a few people through the receiving of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. "Power Within Us" is a part of the Practical Ministry series by Joe Funaro which can be obtained by contacting Elsa at Dominion Grace Ministries.