September 2014 Newsletter

By the time you receive this letter we will be in or on our way to Australia. As we have said, we will be in Sydney, Portland and Melbourne doing seminars with the team of Dominion Grace Australia. We are getting this letter out early as well as the teaching letter and cd of the month so you won’t miss out on the teachings and what the ministry is doing. We have been invited to Burundi, West Africa for 2015 as they have gotten wind of Dominion Grace and the gospel of grace and want us to come. Please keep Liberia and West Africa in your prayers as we curse that hellish Ebola virus right out of the nations and into oblivion.
Our world is in need. We are praying for the Christians in Iraq, and coming against terrorism and genocide. It is hard to relate to what is going on there living in a peaceful nation, but believe me we in America are not exempt from the horrors of terrorism. It must be addressed and stopped. I don’t believe terrorism and those that want to kill and rule in the name of their god will ever be exterminated until Jesus comes back. I do believe in the power of God to protect the innocent. I do not believe that the minds of these radicals will be changed, but I do believe their efforts to kill and harm can be thwarted by the power of God and people of the world coming together and forming an opposition to such atrocities.
I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support. Your love and support allow us to travel the world and see nations changed by this glorious gospel and the power of Almighty God. Don’t forget the Liberian project. We are endeavoring to build a home on some land for a headquarters and a bible school there for years to come and to house missionaries. I am diligently working on the second year of Dominion Grace Bible School. Please take advantage of our websites, and for our recent teachings and events. Our store is updated and available as well as materials for reasonable prices. We are now equipped for Mp3, iphone and ipad. All of our Sunday and Friday evening teachings are archived and on Simply search dlwoc or Dominion Grace Denver and watch. We are available for speaking engagements in the US and abroad. We are at your service any time for chat, prayer . questions or ministry. Those looking for ordination can contact us. I realize this is a short newsletter, but we wanted to be in touch before we leave for Australia and we will not be back until Sept. 15.

Blessings in Christ, Joe and Elsa Funaro DGM