July 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! The reports from our recent trip to Liberia in April-May are still coming in. You can go to dominiongrace.org or joefunaro.com to catch up on those events and our latest teachings from Dominion Grace and from Dominion Life World Outreach Center. Incidentally, thanks to Allen Lister, our messages on our websites now have Mp3, iphone and ipad capabilities for downloads. We are doing everything to get the message of God’s dominion by His abundant grace out and into the hands of the people of the world. I would ask you to consider, that if you are receiving our materials to become a regular partner with us in any amount. I know sometimes people think that they have to give a certain amount, but believe me any amount would be a great help. We want to thank any and all of you that contribute in any way in helping us to propagate this great gospel unto others. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.
We are starting the Bible school in Liberia beginning this July. The school is registered with the board of education in Liberia and we have many pastors and leaders that will be enrolled. We will return every year to do some teaching in the bible school as well as pastors conferences and church seminars. The Liberian project is under way for any that would like to contribute to buying land and putting a house on the land with rooms for missionaries. For more information on that project, go to dominiongrace.org or joefunaro.com. I am presently working on the second year of our bible school and should have all the manuals and teachings downloaded for those that want to go forward with a two year diploma. We will ordain those that want ordination upon completion of the second year. Anyone that has already been ordained and wants to be ordained with us should contact us. We work with people on a relationship basis and want to be there for you to help you in the ministry should you so desire.
In September we will be in Australia for two weeks with Dominion Grace Australia. We will be doing seminars in Sydney, Melbourne and Portland. We have a team of five, now six men that will be teaching and sharing in the seminars. Last year the meetings went well. We introduced the gospel of grace and the Lord confirmed the message with signs and wonders and the freedom to live and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are trusting that this year we will reach more and establish relationships with pastors and ministries that would like us to come along side of them and help and encourage their ministries to grow. The dates for those meetings are September 1-15. See our webpage, both in the US and Australia for meeting times and locations.
Finally, we are continuing our work here in Denver at Dominion Life World Outreach Center. We are presently meeting at the North Glen recreational Center on Sunday mornings at 10 am. All are welcome and if you know of anyone in the Denver area that would like help in the ministry or to be a part of a local body with a vision to reach the world then inform them of our ministry. You can go to lifedominion.org for our church website or joefunaro.com. All of our teachings are on Ustream and broadcast out to the world on Sunday mornings and Friday evenings. They are archived on our websites for free viewing and downloading. All of our teachings are also on youtube.com. Search DLWOC, in Denver or Dominion Grace Ministry. Until next month we pray for all of you, your families and ministries in the name of Jesus.

Joe and Elsa Funaro