June 2014 Newsletter

Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! We returned from our Liberia trip on May 7. We did five seminars, four pastor training seminars and one youth seminar. We also did night services and Sunday services. In the pastor training seminars we taught on Doing the Works of Christ, the Gospel of Grace, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the youth seminar we taught The Finished Work of the Cross and The Revelation of Jesus Christ. The night services and Sunday services were comprised of healing messages, grace messages and doing the works of Christ. Overall, we had several born-again as we ministered in Christian churches. There were over 100 Spirit baptisms and well over 100 healings. We also walked through the community going house to house and had several people healed of arthritis, and typhoid. I can honestly say that except for the first night, we did not leave a meeting unless everyone was healed.
This time we handled things a bit differently as we used the people that received the Spirit baptism to minister to those that were sick and everyone received healing. Some had never prayed for anyone before and some had just gotten saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. They prayed for the sick and saw the power of God flow through them and heal others. I personally prayed for people, but most was training the Liberians to minister to themselves and others in need. One man that had his foot run over by a car and was bandaged and limping was instantly healed. A woman bowed over and walking with a cane was instantly healed and threw her cane away. A man with cataracts was instantly healed. This is just a few. All of the healings were instant. We praise God for His abundant grace.
One night there were so many that needed healing that we had a person stand on the end of each row and lay hands on the first person. Everyone joined hands and as they commanded sickness and pain to leave they began to speak or pray in tongues and everyone was healed. It was truly an exciting time as the Word of God went forth powerfully and God confirmed His message of Grace with sign and wonders. Pastor Amos Freeman, our host pastor and president of IMF ( International Ministerial Fellowship) said that when we come the healings and miracles are not typical as when others come. I attribute that to the message of God’s grace and total reliance on the person and power of the Holy Spirit.
This is our third year to Liberia and we have decided to partner with Higher Ground International Church and IMF to put our bible school into the hands of pastors and leaders in Liberia. We will make a yearly trip to continue to teach and train the Liberians this wonderful gospel of grace and the power that comes with it. We are starting “The Liberian Project” in which we want to buy some land and put a home on the property for pastor Freeman and his family equipped to house missionaries when they come. The land and the building project will cost in the vicinity of $15,000. Anyone that wants to contribute to the “Liberian Project” is encouraged to do so as this will be a perpetual work that will continue in Liberia well after we are long gone from this earth. Most of if not all of the Liberian pastors I am working with are half my age. They refer to me as “Daddy” and my wife, Elsa, as “Mother”. God has certainly divinely appointed this work as we have our largest meetings that are well coordinated with the greatest results here in Liberia. We attribute that to the working relationship with Pastor Amos who is a man of integrity. We have great results everywhere we go, but in Liberia we can do ten times as much with ten times more people for half the cost as when we go to east Africa in Tanzania and Kenya. Pastor Amos has many contacts through out the nine countries that make up West Africa with IMF. So the future looks bright in advancing the kingdom with God’s grace.
We want to thank all of you that support Dominion Grace in any way. This trip was funded by two people. We do not have a lot of supporters, but we are grateful for all of you that continue to believe in us and support us with your prayers and finances. I assure you, everything goes into the furtherance of the kingdom. You are in our prayers and we are available to you at anytime for anything.
Our websites, dominiongrace.org, joefunaro.com, and lifedominion.org have been updated. We have the first year bible school now completed and available to those that want to take the course. You can do one course at a time if you would like. We have also put all of our teaching albums in CD form for order or our series and manuals for MP3 download or order. Thanks to Allen Lister for all your hard work. You are a blessing. Well, that is all for this month. Enjoy the teaching letter for this month. We love you all.

Joe and Elsa Funaro