April 2014 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! It is hard to believe that March is already over and we are already
into April. For those of you that contributed to our trip to Liberia April 21-May 5, we are truly grateful. We will be doing four pastor training conferences in four different locations plus nightly services and Sunday services. As of now, I am the only one that will be teaching the conferences and services. I will be accompanied by my wife. If any of you still would like to come, the time is now to respond. You will have only 3 weeks before we leave. Last year we had over 300 pastors and leaders attend our conferences and they were so dramatically impacted by the Gospel of Grace and God’s supernatural love and power that we are expecting 500 pastors and leaders this year.
We are now officially registered in Australia as a not for profit charity organization. Dominion Grace Australia was formed among five men with a heart to see people’s lives changed and empowered by the great grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike many other ministries and organizations, our vision is to come along side of individuals, churches, regions and nations to help them to be successful in their personal life and ministry as to what the Lord has called them to be and do. Our vision and motto is simply “ what do you want us to do for you?” Through teaching and training, partnership, and personal ministry, we make ourselves available to any and all that would like us to help them. We are returning in September this year and will be in Sidney, Melbourne and Adelaide ministering in conferences that have been set up.
The Dominion Grace Ministries Bible School is now up and running and enrollment is available to any that would like to participate. The first of three trimesters for the first year is 300$ and consists of four MP3 downloadable courses plus a manual for each course that will be sent to you. If you would like to take one course at a time due to financial issues you can do so for 75$ per course which includes the manual. I will be available for any of the students via phone, e-mail or Skype or ooVoo for interaction. We are working also to get our online store up and running so you can purchase any of our materials including our bible materials. We want to thank Allen Lister who has helped us and worked diligently on our websites and putting all the bible school material together. Allen has been and is still spending countless hours listening and perfecting our MP3 downloads as well as putting it all together in a fantastic format for all. Allen is a very important part of this ministry and is a very good teacher of the word himself. We are looking forward to our relationship and our work together in the future in different capacities as the Lord directs.
Our local church, Dominion Life World Outreach Center in Denver, is continuing to grow. It is a separate ministry from Dominion Grace, but our vision and teaching is the same for both. We extend ourselves to anyone, anytime, for anything. If you know of anyone in the Denver area that is unchurched or looking to be built up in the grace, love and power of Jesus Christ feel free to refer them to the church or have them contact me. We are available to anyone via phone, e-mail or skype for prayer, ministry, chat or questions. This month, April 13, evangelist Tom Scarrella will be with us ministering on Sunday morning. We are looking forward to our time in the Lord with Tom.
We would ask any of you that are receiving our materials and would like to continue to receive then to consider a financial donation to help us with the furthering of the gospel. As you know, we don’t require any monetary gift in order to receive our materials. Any amount would help us with mailing and printing of materials. Both our ministries are dependent upon free will offerings and we are appreciative of you the people that believe in what we are doing and have given either occasionally or regularly to this ministry. We are still repairing homes in the Philippines with the money that was given and the money that we have. We have helped rebuild chapels for people that were destroyed during the hurricane so people can gather and worship. When we do the conferences overseas we pay for our own tickets, room and board and also give a substantial amount to feed the pastors so they can attend the seminars. All of this is made possible by your generous giving. If you are unable to contribute in any way, we would appreciate that you would at least let us know if you still want to receive our materials. All we ask is a response to say “yes, we would like to still receive your materials.” If after 6 months, if we don’t hear from folks, we stop sending out our materials. I think that is fair. Those of you that watch our Friday evening Dominion Grace broadcast via U-stream, remember we will be away for two weeks April 21- May 5 so there will be no broadcasts. The Sunday morning broadcasts will continue as one of our ministers will fill in when we are gone. All of our teachings are archived on our 3 websites, dominiongrace.org, joefunaro.com, lifedominion.org as well as posted on Youtube.com. Just search DLWOC or DGM Colorado. Check out dominiongrace.com.au for free MP3 downloads of our 2013 Australian conference.
There will be no newsletter or teaching letter for next month as we will be getting back from Liberia the first week of May. We will need a time of R&R when we get back and will have to attend to church business also. Thank you for understanding. Until June, thank you for your love and support. We love you all. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Joe and Elsa Funaro