March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter
Praise the Lord. I am happy to report that Dominion Grace Ministries Bible School registration is now open. Dominion Grace Ministries is offering a one-year certificate program and a two-year diploma program. Each year is divided into three trimesters. Each trimester is made up of four courses. Each course is 75$ including manuals or 300$ per semester or 900$ per year. The courses are in Mp3 form so the student can take anywhere. They are designed to teach and train individuals for the ministry. There is a very excellent and detailed manual that goes with each course. At the end of each course, a brief write up is required to let us know what benefit the course was to you the student, what you got out of it and how can we improve on it in your own opinion. Those that believe they are called to the ascension ministry positions mentioned in Ephesians 4:11 will have the opportunity to apply for credentials. Mission trips are available to the student that want to go , but it is not required. Each student will have access to interact with pastor Joe via phone, e-mail or Skype concerning any questions or chat that they require. For more information go to or call us at 607-435-5704.
We will be in Liberia April 21--May 6. Anyone wanting to go is welcome. If you intend to go, you need to get your passport as soon as possible and contact us as to the details for visa and other requirements and travel arrangements. We will be doing pastor training seminars, in particular, teaching and training on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, The scriptural reasons for speaking in tongues, and also teaching the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. If you come you are welcome to teach any of these as well as other subjects. I would ask that you stay with the New Testament and teach from a finished work, grace perspective. You will have to pay for your own air-fare as well as food and lodging. Dominion Grace will pay the expenses to put on the seminar. We are asking for those of you that are able to consider donating any amount that you have purposed in your heart to support this trip. All of our trips are by faith. We trust the Lord to provide by moving on the hearts of those that know and trust us and the ministry that He has called us unto. Please contact us via phone or for any questions , more information, or to let us know if you are coming with us. You will also have opportunities to teach and minister in your own church services in the evening as well as personal evangelism.
We have available the DVD’s from our recent trip to Australia and the conference we did there. There are four other speakers beside myself. The DVD’s are well done and carry a wealth of teaching. There are six DVD’s with three hours of teaching on each dvd. We will also be returning to Sidney, Melbourne and Adelaide in September of this year. Call or write us if you are interested in obtaining this conference. You can go to our website or to to get more information on Dominion Grace Australia. The message of the gospel of grace and the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ is impacting the world. I just received a message from the pastor we worked with in Tanzania last year and he is bringing this message in to Burundi and throughout East Africa and it is bringing freedom and life to all that hear and accept it. We could not do any of this without you, our partners. We are forever grateful for your love, prayers and support. We are available to anyone anytime via phone, e-mail or Skype. We answer all of our calls because you the people are important to God and important to us.
Joe and Elsa Funaro, DGM