Testimony - Noel Meekin - Nov. 28, 2013

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

What a great time I had Father truly blessed me extravagantly (this was the word given to me before coming down to Melbourne). The joy and fun I had will be cherished my only wish would have been for Anne to be there as well. Thank you once again for your generosity and hospitality.

I want to thank Elsa, Lorretta, Rose and Angelica for their fellowship and love it means a great deal to me, please make sure brothers that you let them know for me.

Enzo and I spent some of our spare time discussing the success of the meetings. In some ways the meetings were, I believe, secondary to Fathers purpose for us. They were successful for the establishment of DGA and as small as they were in numbers the relationships and ministry that resulted are possibly of more importance to the future of DGA. I think we would all agree we have something very special on our hands that has the potential to impact people any were we go. What now happens I think will depend on the work we can do to build on what we have started. It was interesting that when praying for people (even as they were set free) I was more focused on simply loving them. That may seem like I am stating the obvious but when speaking to people throughout the meetings it was possibly the most singular thing craved for. I prayed for one couple who were struggling with their children and as we got further into our conversation they began to ask me why the church taught condemnation. They felt they were always under some judgement so when they listened to Joe on Sunday morning their hope was lifted but they now have many more questions relating to their old teachings. As we finished our discussion the Sister went to move her neck and was in some pain and restricted movement, I asked her what was wrong and she said she had hurt it at work somehow. So I asked her husband to put his hands on her neck I then put my hand on his shoulder and prayed. I asked her how it now felt she said the pain had subsided but was still there and she still had trouble moving her neck. So I said let me pray again (minister) this time she went to move her neck and she cried out "did you hear that" (I didn't) but her husband still had his hands on her neck and felt it, she was completely free of pain and had full movement in her neck. What touched me was the joy on both of their faces, they not only got a freeing message taught by Joe but Father also healed them. That to me is what it is all about! How many people I prayed for I don't know but I know at lest four were healed and touched in some way by the Holy Spirit. I even had a word of knowledge for one man and he didn't even realise what happened and denied what I said about his left leg, but when Joe prayed for him guess what leg turned out to be shorter then the other! All glory to Father!

So I look forward to hearing the thoughts and testimonies you all have regarding our time together. It appears from what now has been started the possibilities for a much larger and more impacting series of seminars and crusades could eventuate later next year. I am looking forward to working with you all to establish plans and structure for DGA doing the work that will make it possible for our growth and impact as a ministry.

I look forward to our ooVoo session Thursday week 5th December 10.30 am (reminder).

PS If you took any photos of our time together could you send me some as I only had my phone and it is not that good.