Liberia Mission Testimony March- April 2013 (Patricia)

My name is Patricia, and I was part of a team (4 of us in all) who visited and brought the Gospel of Grace to the nation of Liberia recently. In spite of the discomforts of a daily living, our group was well able to meet the challenge of ministering twice daily in churches in the city of Monrovia and other cities in the region.
With Joe Funaro, whose preaching is strong and penetrating, and his wife Elsa, who keeps all the logistics of the trip in order, Judi LeFever and I were well taken care of and able to freely share the gospel in many services. We were very busy. In some cases, we led the ministry in preaching and ministering healing in churches assigned just to us.
Our experience of mission trips is limited at this point, and I welcomed the opportunity to preach and pray for the people and see many healings and Holy Spirit Baptisms, God using us this way. I estimated that at least 60 people were healed, God using me, and there were 6 Holy Spirit Baptisms with evidence of speaking in tongues. All of us experienced many healings and other manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Few, if any ministries ever allow people to engage in active ministry like we experienced.
Joe Funaro is the first one in my life to do so, and it was thrilling.

This trip went way beyond my expectations and I look forward to going again and obey the commission Jesus gave in Mark 16:15-18 to go into all the world and preach the gospel, with signs following.

May 2013