Liberia Mission Testimony March- April 2013

Judi Le Fever
Apr 17

Hi's my testimony of my Liberian Missions experience.

Firstly, I want to thank Pastor Joe for giving me and Pat the chance of a life time, to spread our wings and 'fly'.

I left the comforts of home in the USA with no preconceived expectations, but to only be open to anything and everything that the Lord had for me! Being my first time in Africa, nothing could have prepared me anyways!

After 30 hours of travel time and landing in Monrovia we were whisked off to an outdoors, under the night time sky of stars, meeting! Praise and worship was accompanied by drums and shaking gourds wrapped in a net of beads called a salsa......and dance, African style! We had arrived in Africa! Liberia! Paynesville, to be exact!

For 2 weeks, twice daily, we taught and shared the Gospel of GRACE, God's love for his creation, his children, his total supply of ALL we have need of, OUTRAGEOUS GRACE, that gives us relationship with our creator/Father because Jesus paid the price! He became sin that we might become right (righteousness) before our Father, he took our punishment for sins, and by His stripes we were healed, physically and in every other way, delivered! That same outrageous grace that saved us, is the same outrageous grace that daily keeps us and supplies all our needs for life and godliness!.....WITHOUT us keeping laws, or trying to find favor with God by ANYTHING we could possibly do! It's simply JESUS plus NOTHING! That is FREEDOM!......that is ENTERING HIS REST!

Though I'd been a Christian for 40+ years it was only the past few months that I came to the understanding of GRACE through Pastor Joe's messages via CDs and the Internet. It set my feet to dancing, my heart soaring in new love for Jesus and all that He is to me! HE KEEPS ME! I can rest from MY works to find favor with God! I HAD to share this GOOD NEWS! So I got to share it in Liberia!

I am especially thankful for the great grace, and patience, extended by Joe and Elsa! Their care and watchful eye over us did not go unnoticed. Thank you Elsa, coordinator of all details/arrangements of this trip, meetings with Pastors, extra goodie snacks and so much more....she is amazing!

This trip let me know I CAN stand up in front of a group, teach, share and minister healing, salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance....what ever the need be...because JESUS IN ME is my victory cry!

I learned to let go of creature comforts, hair dryers, AC, running water, showers, flush toilets, looking 'good'! It's hard to look 'fresh as a daisy' with sweat running off the ends of your hair and sweat streaked, or all wiped off, make up! (we were on the Equator!) I learned I had to just let it 'all hang out', the good, the bad, the ugly....and to SUCK IT UP when things got 'hard' because there was nothing I could do to change a was what it suck it up and go on! THAT to me was a great lesson! The heat and humidity undid me......but I went on!

I am home now, back to what I know as familiar, creature comforts that I'm used to....and my dear husband, comfy couches, electricity, showers and cool breezes..........but Africa did something to me! I am 'undone'! My heart is still too full to process all that is within my heart! I HAVE to do something for/in Liberia! I left a part of me there! Those faces, those children, the people!

It was and is life changing! Thank you Joe for this experience!!!!!!!.........I rest in Jesus, I trust him with my future and how Liberia fits in! OH, VICTORY IN JESUS! OUTRAGEOUS GRACE!

So there you are Joe! My heart is full.....I HAVE to do something....I trust the Lord to show me! At school yesterday, the school secretary loaned me a book "Kisses From Katie", true story of an 18 yr. old girl, from a well to do family in TN, went on a 3 week trip to work in an orphanage in Uganda and it changed her life!......and all the plans her parents had for her, college, profession, her boyfriend and friends! She moved there at 19, adopted 14 girls, teaches school, started a non profit ministry (something she had not a clue show to do!) to raise funds for the many needs there, cost of school etc. She just loves and is greatly loved.....doing what Jesus put in her heart! She is SO happy doing his will for her life! I highly recommend the book! Katie must be about 25 by now.

All for now....
Love and Hugs, Judi