April 2013 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! We have just returned from two weeks in Liberia and the trip was the most successful that Dominion Grace Ministries has experienced since visiting Africa for the first time in 2008. We conducted four Pastor-training seminars, two of them were two day seminars and two of them were three-day seminars. In the evenings we visited various churches and also did open air meetings. Overall there were over 300 pastors, evangelists, apostles and church workers that attended our meetings and were awarded certificates of completion for the New Testament seminar that we conducted. We extensively taught the finished work of the cross, the gospel of grace, the new creation, the person and power of the Holy Spirit, faith and healing. There were a minimum of 50 salvations, 15 to 20 baptisms in the Holy Spirit and the combined team prayed for over 200 people and personally I can only account for five that we did not see instantly healed or delivered.
We want to thank Patricia Fischer and Judy Le fever who accompanied us on this trip from California and preached and taught and ministered wonderfully right alongside of us and also on their own in various churches. This was their first time to Africa and they adjusted to the conditions very well and were a great asset to the ministry of Dominion Grace and a great blessing to the people of Liberia. We would also like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your great kindness and generosity in supporting us in your prayers and financially in making this mission trip the best ever. We were able to put on the seminars and feed hundreds of people and provide certificates of completion to those that came because of your generous giving. Every life changed, every person saved and filled with the Holy Spirit or healed was shared by you as you supported us in spirit and in your giving. I am humbled by your belief and backing of this ministry and I am committed to each and every one of you personally and to the Lord to keep this ministry one of integrity and excellence.
We were visited by three journalists who interviewed us while there and also recorded us and put our message over their airwaves. The pastors were greatly influenced in a positive way towards the gospel of grace and vowed to change their ways from the bondage of legalism in discovering their freedom from the law. We referred them to our two websites joefunaro.com and dominiongrace.org as they said that they wanted to get more of our teaching of the New Testament and the gospel of grace. They had many questions by which we answered every one according to the Scriptures. The New Testament seminar was a consistent expositional teaching of the letter to the Galatians. The Holy Spirit communicated beautifully the message of all grace without the works of the law. Justification by faith, the most basic and prominent and important doctrine was ingrained into their spirits and they begged us to come back and teach more. They commented that the message was one of balance and not one of indifference to Christ-like living. Needless to say the nation of Liberia has been invaded with God's love and mercy and grace and will never be the same again.
Some of the healings that we saw were ulcers healed, asthma, cataracts, typhoid along with many that had pain in all different parts of their body. One night we had two that stood out amongst the rest in that a crippled woman threw away her walking stick and she was healed and free of pain and also a madman was delivered in one of the nights that we conducted a seminar. While I was preaching the first night in the first of one of the three-day seminars a madman entered into the building and began to run from side to side screaming and disturbing the seminar and the people that were in the seminar. As I preached I said bring that man to me and God will set them free. Instead he ran out quickly and I did not see him till after that first night of the seminar. I was praying for several people including that crippled woman whom the Lord set free when he came back in ranting and raving. I finally got my hands on him and bear hugged him and began to love on him and let the precious love of the Holy Spirit flow into him. He tried to fight me and break free from my grasp but the Holy Spirit in me was greater as the love of God and the compassion of the Holy Spirit flowed into his being. "I give you God's love, I give you His grace and mercy and I take away this suffering from you", I said to him as I continued to hug him. I never rebuked the devil and I never raised my voice and in a matter of less than two minutes he began to become calm. He said "I don't want to be like this and I don't want to do what they tell me to do." I told him "it's all right now and God is setting you free." After those two minutes he quietly said "I love Jesus. I have the mind of Christ" and then he called for his Bible. The host pastor was right there and was amazed as he was one of the ones who have put this young man out for disturbing the people. Needless to say they saw and experienced the Father's love and the power of the Holy Spirit in a manner that they had never seen before. It is sad that the law can produce no power and there is no faith or demonstration of God's love in the law of Moses. That's why God ended it and that was the message that was proclaimed throughout the entire time we were there and God validated that message with His love and power. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus and thank you great and mighty Holy Spirit for your faithfulness.